Parenting Program

The Key to Successful Parenting Is In The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program.

Why Teach Character Development To Parents?

If only babies came with an instruction manual, how easy parenting would be. We would know exactly what to do and say to ensure that our children mature into productive, respectful, caring adults. But parenting is not that easy. A lack of skills and knowledge along with our uncertainties and fears make parenting a process of trial and error. We live in a society that is overwhelmed with violence and aggression, sexual promiscuity and disrespect for authority, making parenting even more challenging. How can parents in our modern world, filled with negative influences, raise children who are respectful, responsible, compassionate and capable of making moral choices? The Peaceful Solution Character Education Parenting Program will teach parents how to develop specific qualities, skills and methods to help their children attain positive characters despite negative environmental influences.


Just What Makes A Successful Parent?

Literally thousands of authors, behavioral analysts, psychologists and psychiatrists offer a variety of suggestions and insights as to what makes a successful parent. Many of these sources are primarily child focused in that they give helpful techniques for changing the child’s behavior. The Peaceful Solution Character Education Parenting Program has an interactive focus on both parent and child. Emphasis is placed on teaching adults how to maintain positive behavior such as respect, responsibility and self-control in their lives so they can easily model these behaviors for their children. Parents are taught how to create a suitable learning environment for their children as well as how to monitor the influences that threaten the development of a positive character. The child is then given the best opportunity to develop behavioral patterns and social skills to form moral traits. Therefore, successful parents are those who provide the best opportunities for their children to develop positive, moral character by first practicing and making these traits an integral part of their own self-concept and interactions and then setting the stage where those who associate with the child can mirror these same values.



Parenting Program Outline

The Peaceful Solution Character Education Parenting Program is a comprehensive guide to successful parenting. It consists of what every person needs to know about moral character development from the moment the child is conceived through the challenging teen years and into adulthood. The wealth of knowledge and effective skills provided within this parenting manual will benefit those desiring to become parents, the expectant parents, as well as those who already have children. As an added incentive, the manual includes an easy-to-follow lesson plan that can be adapted for a workshop environment. Subjects covered in this manual are as follows:

The role of a parent as teacher, educator, protector and provider: Here parents will recognize the value of their many roles and the benefits of all for successful child development.

Heredity and parenting: Through self-evaluation, parents will explore their values as instilled within them from a young age and how they affect their ability to nurture. They will learn that past negative experiences or mistakes are not hindrances in their abilities to become better parents.

Understanding character and personality: Parents will learn to distinguish between character and personality for the express purpose of maximizing positive character traits as opposed to focusing only on improving personality.

Influences: Parents will heighten their awareness of negative influences and their effects on positive character development.

Techniques for creating a positive home environment: Parents will learn how to cultivate a positive, cooperative attitude and explore techniques for developing a peaceful family atmosphere.

How to be a successful disciplinarian: Parents will learn that positive discipline is an important element to maintain a moral code of conduct. Positive discipline helps to ingrain moral character traits such as respect, self-control, responsibility, and honesty within the child.

We strongly recommend that parents who have school-age children also acquire The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program designed for grades kindergarten through high school. When both programs are taught simultaneously within the family, the process of moral character development is accelerated.

Well Rounded

From the basic concepts of ownership and respect for others, to the deeper issues of peer-pressure and how to make decisions and set goals, The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program teaches both young and old alike the building blocks of great moral character.

This program covers in-depth what the students need to know in order to handle the situations they encounter on a daily basis. Each grade level has been designed with age-specific real world examples and activities that allow the students to be confident in the skills they are learning.

Attention Grabbing

Using picture flashcards for the young, and poems, songs and descriptive narratives on accompanying audio cassettes for all ages insures that the students will not only listen, but will be eager to participate in class discussions and activities.

There are puzzles and role playing activities, art and even short research assignments for the upper grade levels, that allow the students to go beyond what they are hearing during the lessons and apply the concepts they learn to the world around them.


The lessons are designed to have built-in flexibility to fit current events and different classroom situations. Schools, Daycare Centers, Homeschoolers, and other institutions have reported success with this program. Each grade level can be obtained individually, as well as student workbooks. No pre-set quantities are required to be purchased in order to use this curriculum.

We offer sample lessons and a pilot program for those new to The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program Curriculum, in order that you may familiarize yourself with the methods used in teaching these moral values. If you are ready to order now, you can go directly to our convenient printable order form.

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