12 Month Proposal – Part 2

This Program

Is Proven To

Bring Peace


Do you want peace or do you prefer to keep spending billions of dollars on war?


If you think global warming and depopulation will solve future problems, you are dead wrong.


The population was much smaller two thousand years ago but the same character and practices brought continual war then as today.


The big difference today is the nuclear bombs in this generation that started in 1934.


The nuclear power in this generation can darken the sun and burn the earth in one hour, leaving an unusable, burnt earth and firmament that will not support life for a thousand years.


I think all would agree, that’s not the answer. I also think all will agree that all nations are headed in that direction with no sign of positive change, repentance or conversion in sight.


Sun Darkened


The following information gives the result of a simulated test performed by scientists in the 1980s. Very interestingly, it shows the nearness of man’s cremation, followed by a long period of freezing that will ultimately destroy all life. Then we see this can take place in one hour.


The following article and essay from Discover magazine deals directly with the consequences of nuclear war.


Dr. Thomas was one of the four American scientists who, at the invitation of Senators Edward Kennedy and Mark Hatfield, met in Washington in December for a three-hour open discussion with four Soviet counterparts. The subject of their discussion: the nuclear winter (DISCOVER).


Two scientific reports have recently been published, dealing with the probable effects of nuclear war upon the earth’s climate and the life of the planet. The first discovery is already widely known within the scientific community of climatologists, geophysicists, and biologists here and abroad, and has been confirmed in detail by scientists in the Soviet Union. Computer models demonstrate that a nuclear war involving the exchange of less than one third of the total American and Soviet arsenal will change the climate of the entire Northern Hemisphere, shifting it abruptly from its present seasonal state to a long, sunless, frozen night. This will be followed after some months by a settling of nuclear soot and dust, then by a new malignant kind of sunlight, with all of its ultraviolet band, capable of blinding most terrestrial animals, no longer shielded from the earth by the ozonosphere. In the same research, new calculations of the extent and intensity of radioactive fallout predict the exposure of large land areas to much more intense levels of radiation than expected. The report is referred to as TTAPS, an acronym derived from the investigators’ names: Turco, Toon, Ackerman, Pollack, and Sagan.

    The second piece of work, by Paul Ehrlich and 19 other distinguished biologists, demonstrates that the predictions of TTAPS mean nothing less than the extinction of much of the earth’s biosphere, very possibly involving the Southern Hemisphere as well as the Northern.

    Taken together, the two papers change everything in the world about the prospect of thermonuclear warfare. They have already received a careful and critical review by scientists representing the disciplines concerned, here and abroad, and there already appears to be an unprecedented degree of concurrence with the technical details as well as the conclusions drawn. In the view of some referees, the TTAPS report may even be understating the climatological damage implied by its data. The 20 biologists’ paper, summarized by Professor Ehrlich, represents the consensus arrived at by 40 biological scientists at a meeting in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, last spring.

     It is a new world, demanding a new kind of diplomacy and a new logic.

     Up to now, the international community of statesmen, diplomats, and military analysts has tended to regard the prospect of nuclear war as a problem only for the adversaries in possession of the weapons. Arms control and the endless negotiations aimed at the reduction of nuclear explosives have been viewed as the responsibility, even the prerogative, of those few nations in actual confrontation. Now all that is changed. There is no nation on earth free of the jeopardy of destruction if any two countries, or groups of countries, embark upon a nuclear exchange. If the Soviet Union and the United States, and their respective allies in the Warsaw Pact and NATO, begin to launch their missiles beyond a still undetermined and ambiguous minimum, neutral states like Sweden and Switzerland are in for the same long-term effects, the same slow death, as the actual participants. Australia and New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa, could have as much to worry about as West Germany if a full-scale exchange were to take place far to the north.

     Up to now, we have all tended to regard any conflict with nuclear arms as an effort by paired adversaries to settle such issues as territorial dominance or ideological dispute. Now, with the new findings before us, it is clear that any territory gained will be, at the end, a barren wasteland, and any ideology will vanish in the death of civilization and the permanent loss of mankind’s memory of culture.

    The risks of this kind of war have conventionally been calculated by the numbers of dead human beings on either side at the end of the battle, armies and noncombatants together. The terms “acceptable” and “unacceptable,” signifying so-and-so many million human casualties, have been used for making cool judgments about the need for new and more accurate weapon systems. From now on, things are different. Leave aside the already taken for granted estimate that in an all-out exchange of, say, 5,000 megatons, something like a billion people would be killed outright by blast, heat, and radiation. Set aside as well the likely fact that more than another billion would die later on, from the delayed effects of the climate and radioactive fallout.

Discover magazine, January/February, 1984


Atomic Armageddon is just 30 minutes away – former US Navy advisor


Published time: 7 Dec, 2015 07:31 Edited time: 7 Dec, 2015 09:50



Dr. Theodore Postol, former advisor to the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations, a professor at MIT, nuclear technology expert.


… US and Russia once again are pumping up their nuclear arsenal, and the Doomsday Clock shows it’s just three minutes before midnight. Is nuclear destruction looming once again over humankind? …could Atomic Armageddon happen by accident?…


Sophie Shevardnadze:  …Ted, President Obama came into the White House calling for “Global Zero” – now, there are plans to spend a trillion dollars on an overall of entire nuclear arsenal. Why is this happening?


Dr. Theodore Postol: I think this is a consequence of the domestic politics.


SS: Now, do you believe the U.S. is readying its nuclear forces for direct confrontation with Russia? Do you think nuclear war is possible now? At any scenario, do you see that?


Dr. TP: I do think that an accidental nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia is possible. …I do think we are in danger.


SS: What happens, hypothetically, if there is a nuclear war? Will a doctrine like a mutual destruction doctrine ever work again?


Dr. TP: …somebody makes a bad decision with incomplete information, which is almost certainly what happens in the real world – information is never complete – you could have a massive use of nuclear weapons, and that, of course, would end civilization as we know it…


SS: Now, Ted, tell me something. Explain to an amateur, to me, how does one launch a nuclear weapon? Is it as easy as pressing a button? How long does it take for a nuclear missile to reach its target?


Dr. TP: The ballistic missile could be fired, basically, within 50 or 60 seconds, more or less, after alert being given to the operators. The rocket will then ignite…then it would release warheads. The warheads would float in the near vacuum of space under the influence of gravity and momentum, and in about 20-28 minutes would arrive at their targets, re-enter the atmosphere and explode. So the world could be, basically, finished off in anywhere from half hour to an hour upon the arrival of these warheads. …most nuclear warheads would be delivered in a very short time, probably within half hour or an hour interval.


Unless all nations act now, nuclear destruction is at your doors.


Just Twelve Month’s Education

Can Turn Global Warming

And All Wars


The world has never been educated in the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program.


Think of this: people are trained to work, and that’s what they do.


People are trained for all kinds of jobs in this present, and what should be the best generation. Those jobs range from flipping burgers to serving coffee, doctoring people to putting them in jail, from selling insurance to building rockets, and they do those jobs. They do what they are trained to do.


None of the training gotten today touches the character of mankind. None of the training teaches peace. So, the only thing world leaders can grab in their daily troubles is fighting, shooting, arresting, jailing, threatening, and bombing.


When two people have guns, they both shoot.


When two nations have bombs, what’s next?


Education is the

Only Answer


When two people are trained in the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, when problems arise, they are already trained in the steps to take to resolve them peacefully. By this, you can see the benefits of training every nation and every person in every nation.


It would take no more than 12 months to teach the lessons in this Program to every nation. Thereafter, the nations could make these lessons a permanent part of their school curriculum.


All we need is their undivided attention, 5 days a week for one year.


We are equipped to assist each nation to work out the details in getting the classes started.


We are now asking for replies from all nations’ leaders, education administrators, municipal authorities, anyone who wants to be part of bringing peace to their nation in only 12 months.


To absolutely stop the present wars and fighting, and the looming nuclear wars that are easily seen approaching, at this time, you must act quickly.


There is no doubt that this Program can turn wars and global warming around, and bring peace to every single person on earth.


Call now 1-888-613-9494, or email us at [email protected], or write to Peaceful Solution Character Education Incorporated, PO Box 2442, Abilene TX 79604.


The Plan


The plan is the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, which has been proven to work for all ages and all walks of life.


All classes are in English, but we can find translators if necessary.


We even have classes for those who can’t read.


We are ready to help work out any problems.


Read a few of the many testimonials we have received over the years of how the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program has benefitted those who use it.


Chris Hyler, Peaceful Solution Instructor


My experience with the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program is one of the most exhilarating, rewarding and educational experiences I have encountered in my 45 years of life. I have traveled many miles to meet with hundreds of thousands of students. I have flown to several countries including Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Mexico to meet with teachers and community leaders who are wanting to make a more productive educational environment for students and citizens in today’s society. I have traveled to our nation’s capitol six times to meet with congressmen and women, senators, and ambassadors from numerous countries to discuss how we, the Peaceful Solution Organization, can help all cultures and benefit all society.

    This program’s effectiveness lies in teaching all to consider the outcome of their choices before situations arise, solving troubles before they start.

    With the use of technology, our online courses have grown with much success. We are presently teaching classes in over 26 countries, and the numbers are climbing fast. The astounding growth of participation in this area has shown that this program transcends all boundaries of religion and cultural diversity.

    It is obvious that so much more can be done. The amount of success that can be accomplished is yet to be seen. We need the efforts of everyone; community leaders, teachers, students, parents and guardians. We need everyone. You cannot feed the hungry unless you have the food. The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program has the food of character education to feed those who are hungry, yearning for a better, more peaceful and productive life. We just have to get it out to the people.


Ms. Severa Molina, Peaceful Solution Student


My name is Severa Molina. I am 33 years old. I live in Hebbronville, TX. For the past few months, I have been attending the wonderful program: Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. These classes have helped me learn so many things that I did not know.

    Before I started these classes, I had a serious problem controlling my anger. I was raised in an environment where I was surrounded by violence, abuse, and hate. I was not shown what true love was. Living like this was so hard for me. I grew up thinking only about me and how to survive. My solution to any problem was to fight.

    People who knew me kept telling me, “You have an anger issue.” I chose not to listen to them. One day, I was sent to the Peaceful Solution classes. I could not believe the team of instructors would travel to Hebbronville to serve just three people.

    We started the class with a review and then reading. I could not believe my ears, or my eyes. There it was in black and white: ANGER TRIGGERS. I kept thinking to myself, “Oh, WOW, they are talking about me here. They wrote this book based on me; my life.” I felt everything we read and discussed was for me. Emotion of anger, anger triggers; yes, it was all for me, about me, my life.

    Attending the Peaceful Solution classes, I understood I wanted to be a part of the Peaceful Solution. I cannot just say I am grateful or thankful; it is a blessing to me. This program has taught me that I am in full control of my thoughts, my feelings (emotions) and actions. I have learned to practice SELF-CONTROL in all situations. I even learned to forgive those who had hurt me and did terrible things to me. I did not know I was capable of forgiving. Without knowing, this forgiving others brought me PEACE.

    In conclusion, using the Peaceful Solution, as it was taught to be me, has truly transformed me. I am a new me. This program is an AMAZING PROGRAM. It has helped me overcome my bad habits and negative thoughts. This new me is practicing daily, constantly and consistently to apply the skills I have learned in the Peaceful Solution. I use them when life gives me these tests that I now see like another opportunity to practice what I have learned.

    I want to thank the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program for this amazing thing you have done for me. I hope everyone who reads this will give it a try. It works!


Municipal Court Judge Rosie Cuellar; Laredo, Texas


Greetings to all my Peaceful Solution Friends, not only in this great nation of ours but across the world. It certainly has been a pleasure to work with Peaceful Solution because it truly has impacted our courtroom. It has impacted the lives of many children and many adults in this great city of Laredo. I’d like to thank Mr. Yisrayl Hawkins for his leadership, his foresight and his influence here in Laredo.

    It certainly has made a big difference, like I said, and it’s something that I will continue to do in this courtroom as long as I am in this position. As a Municipal Court Judge here in Laredo, I’ve added the Peaceful Solution to our monthly sessions. We’ve had it for the last three months, and it has truly impacted the lives of our students, our children, and also the parents who attend. I truly feel blessed to have met William Crouse and all the individuals from Peaceful Solution from Abilene, Texas. They have not only inspired the children but they have inspired me to continue the message of moral principles. And this is something that is, we go back to the basics, and I think if we could all go back to the basics, this world would certainly be a better place; but I know it’s not easy. I know that at times we are greatly criticized personally for what we do, and that is something that is in the nature of certain people, but I ask for those individuals to truly look into this Program and really think about what is true.

    …to those who have accepted and made Peaceful Solution and doing what’s right as part of your life, I ask you to not give up, not to be overwhelmed or take that negativity and make you doubt yourself. Don’t allow anyone to do that. Do what’s right because we need you to keep this Peaceful Solution message going.

    I invite everyone to go to the Peaceful Solution’s website at www.peacefulsolution.org, and to journey through all the pages of great information that Peaceful Solution has to offer to you and your loved ones. Please enjoy each page and open your hearts and minds to something that will change your life forever.


County Attorney Rodolfo Guiterrez


As a prosecutor for more than 40 years, I have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of family violence cases filed, including numerous  repeat offenders. I can also attest to the correlation between the breakdown in the family unit and criminal behavior.

    Working in a small rural county, it is very difficult to provide counseling services for defendants in these types of cases. We began using the services of Peaceful Solution to provide classes for some of our defendants charged with family violence offenses. They also provide services to clients referred to them by Child Protective Services.

    I have referred many Defendants to Peaceful Solution as part of Pre-Trial Diversion Agreements, where our office agrees to dismiss the charges upon successful completion of the Peaceful Solution program.

    The Peaceful Solution and their Instructors have been able to set up weekly classes for our referrals, as well as the Child Protective Services Referrals, even though this requires them to travel more than 100 miles.

    The Peaceful Solution routinely keeps me apprised of their progress, and I have received numerous comments from these defendants, telling me that this character-building Program has been effective and that they are learning how to deal with their issues and avoid re-offending.

    Knowing the background of most of these defendants, I am very pleased to hear these comments, and although some of these referrals are very recent, none of these defendants have re­offended.

    …I believe that  this Program provides prosecutors like myself with a very important tool to use in these types of cases, and allows us to provide education, instead of incarceration, as a solution to these problems.  I encourage all law enforcement and social agencies to put Peaceful Solution to work.


Esther Kurczyn-Firova, President of Lead Laredo


Society has tried so many things. We’ve tried so many solutions and it is apparent that they have not worked. You can refer to drunk driving, you can refer to substance abuse, domestic abuse, whatever you want to call them; they’re not working. They haven’t worked and they’re not working. The sad thing about it is, they are getting worse, and the programs – more are coming out – they’re still either non-effective or less effective. But the saddest thing about it is, those individuals involved are being lost. It could be your brother, your father, your husband, your nephew; it could be your friend or business partner, and there’s no real help for them.

    What I find even sadder is that there is a Program that’s available. The Program has been around for years. I’m amazed that the founder, Yisrayl Hawkins, actually took it upon himself years ago to start the very simple thing that everybody should have done on their own. It took an individual who is actually committed to doing the very simple thing, which is to bring morals and ethics and respect back into humanity.

    Peaceful Solution is a curriculum. The curriculum is sincere. It’s based on truth. It’s based on principals, originality, and it’s what it’s supposed to be about: it’s moral. Whether you want to believe it or not, doesn’t change it. It is a fact, and it is what brings everything back to the household. You know, my gratitude to Yisrayl Hawkins. Thank you! Sure, he has paid the price, but that’s okay because there have been a lot of souls saved. A lot of people have hope now.

    Parents are asking what is going to become of their children in the future. The answer can be positive using the Peaceful Solution. I hope and pray that the Peaceful Solution does continue to grow. It should be embraced. I’ve tried it; everybody should try it. I cannot tell you how much simpler life would get. Bring back your morals. Bring back your principles. Bring back your respect, and you’ll be amazed.

    There is one thing we can hang onto, and that is hope. And one thing we are trying to do is bring back those morals and principles. Start with us first, and then teach it to your children, and then everyone in our society.

    I personally invite everyone to join us by going and visiting the Peaceful Solution website at www.peacefulsolution.org. Your life and the people’s lives that you want to touch will be changed forever. It is not a temporary solution. It is going to be a permanent solution that you embrace.


Delores Morales, Peaceful Solution Student


“What did I do?” Those were the first words that came out of my mouth just a couple of months ago. I was referred by CPS to the Peaceful Solution Program for parenting classes due to an incident involving my son and his father. I was truly upset and I felt that 17 weeks to complete the Program was too much.

    My first meeting at Peaceful Solution was at 7:00pm. I got to class and I saw friendly faces, something I did not expect. I got a warm welcome, but also a “let’s get to work” attitude from the instructors. “It’s going to be a long hour”, I thought. We started with the first chapter called, “Effective Parenting Begins with Character”, and just like that, it caught my attention. You see, I always tell my boys to be men of character. I am always asking them to be great leaders and to respect others. However, I am an adult and some of the things I often teach my children, I can’t say I always do myself. I have two big problems: number one, I tend to be impatient, and number two, I lack self-control at times. As we went through the chapter and listened, I could picture in my head several instances where I had lost control in front of my children. My thoughts came back to class, I heard the instructor say, “Your children are always observing,” and “If you hear your child screams, where might he or she have learned it?” I felt very convicted.

    My thoughts went back and forth in class, and next thing I knew time had run out. I stayed a bit after class to discuss some points and I decided to buy the Peaceful Solution Parenting Manual, we were working on, and another book that caught my attention called “Self-Control”. I remember when I got home that evening, I eagerly started reading the first chapter of the Self-Control Unit called, “Self-Control Starts With You”. I was amazed at how simplistic it was. I realized that I, MYSELF, am responsible for controlling my own emotions and that I can’t control anyone else. I realized that I was only responsible for how I reacted to situations, not for what other people said or did. The STOP acronym (Stop Think Options Proceed with a right choice) was really powerful to me. I started thinking I was handling things the wrong way with others in my life and that I could choose to let them know how I felt in a peaceful way rather than getting all upset. That night before I fell asleep, I made the decision that I was going to master self-control.

    As the days went by I started thinking about what situations would always trigger me to lose my self-control. I actually wrote them down, and I looked for possible solutions. The following week, I was looking forward to going to class. Guarding our minds was a subject we talked about. I left class and thought about how many times I had let my negative thoughts lead to my negative emotions, and how many times I had based my actions on those emotions.

    Since I have come to these classes, I am working everyday on the things that I know my kids are observing. We may not realize it but we have so much influence over them. Recently, my son brought something to my attention that made me feel so wonderful. He said, “Mom, I noticed something and I wanted to congratulate you. Every time you have picked me up, you don’t get upset at me because I’m not ready. You’re changing.” He also promised to work, himself, on being on time. I was really embarrassed when he said that because I thought about the many times I got upset when he took too long. However, I changed my attitude towards the situation and he noticed that. Not only that, but he, himself, decided to work on his problem of being late, without me telling him to do so.

    Because of the Peaceful Solution, I’m aware of my triggers and I’m taking action ahead of time and preparing. I’m still not perfect and I make wrong choices from time to time; however, I am aware that little eyes are watching my every move. My children will learn how to handle future situations based on what they learn from me. Although I can’t change the past, I can make a difference in the present. I look forward to learning more from the Peaceful Solution Program. I recommend this Program to everyone.


Mr. William Crouse, Peaceful Solution Instructor and Director in Laredo, Texas


My name is William Crouse. I am an Instructor at the Peaceful Solution’s Branch Office in Laredo, Texas where I also serve as the local Director. I have had the great honor and privilege of teaching families, schools, agencies, prisoners, businesses, and thousands of individuals, young and old, in Laredo and throughout South Texas, for the past fourteen years.

    Over the course of the past fourteen years I have personally witnessed how the basic moral principles and teachings contained in the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program have the ability to set an individual’s thinking on a whole different course in a short amount of time, regardless of their age, upbringing, gender, religious affiliation or ethnicity. Many times, just one tiny seed of information taught from any of the various concepts or principles presented to a person through the Program will inspire, empower, and motivate that individual to start heading in a positive direction in regard to the way they think and feel about themselves, others, a certain situation or the world in general.

    For example, I have witnessed over and over again how the Peaceful Solution can help a person understand, for the first time in their lives, that they, themselves, are responsible for their own choices and feelings, and that although they cannot control what others may do or say to them, they can control the way they respond to what is said or done. Thousands of individuals have come to the Peaceful Solution to learn to control their anger. Some of those people have attended other anger management programs in the past to no avail. When a person is presented with the morally correct way to think, feel, and behave, and is instructed and encouraged to practice even the simplest concepts in the Peaceful Solution, and not give up even if they make a mistake and fall the first few times, they will quickly see a change in their thoughts, attitude, and actions.

    I have taught hundreds of prisoners at the Webb County jail who told me that if someone would have taught these simple moral principles and had given them the tips and tools they were now learning, they would not have made the decisions they made to commit the various offenses they found themselves in trouble for. This was not only said by inmates who were incarcerated for lesser-offenses, but even members of gangs and cartels facing murder charges, who may never re-enter society.

    As a former prisoner myself, having spent 20 years of my life in both the juvenile and adult justice system in Alaska, before finding the Peaceful Solution while I was incarcerated, I have had the opportunity to see life from both sides of the spectrum. I, too, can attest to the fact that the Peaceful Solution was needed in my life. Before I was taught the Peaceful Solution, I was declared incorrigible by three Alaska Superior Court judges. Once I learned of this Program, was taught and started applying it, I never returned to prison. I have been free since 1995. My past experience helps me to empathize with what our students are going through.

    The Peaceful Solution in Laredo began in 2004. Our first two clients were a mother and her 8 year old daughter. Today, we service over 200 active clients in Laredo, Zapata, and Hebbronville. Our team of Peaceful Solution Instructors have presented to over 80,000 children and teachers in schools throughout Laredo and South Texas. We were recognized by the Texas State Senate in 2014 for our work with the children and teachers in these schools. None of what we have managed to accomplish has been done using funds to advertise. Our clients have come because others have spread the word about how it changed their lives. Agencies share with other agencies the changes they have seen in their clients using our Program.

    There have been so many wonderful people, experiences, and successes I have witnessed during these fourteen years. The few people I saw that it did not work for, were people who were not yet ready for change. It only works if an individual chooses to use it. I know that one day, when they are ready to make the change, they will remember us and come back; many have done so already because the seed of the Peaceful Solution was planted in their minds.

    I’m thankful that someone shared this Program with me, and I’m in hopes that others will do their part and take the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program and use it in their lives and share it in their own sphere of influence. If it works for us here in South Texas, it will work for you too. Positive change in our own lives and in the lives of those around us will not come unless we take action. Let’s all make the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program a part of our legacy and the mark we make upon our world.


On our website, peacefulsolution.org, you can read the many other testimonials of how this Program has benefitted individuals, families, and organizations, as well as testimonials of those who support and implement it in their communities.  


The following shows how the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program benefitted one man in Hebbronville, TX.


Mr. Joe Cadena is the first to graduate from the Peaceful Solution Self-Control Program in the 229th District Court in Hebbronville. Along with our traditional trophy, the Jim Hogg County Attorney, Mr. Rodolfo Gutierrez, presented Mr. Cadena with a motion to dismiss all pending charges against him, for successfully completing our program.


The only thing we need to do is teach it.


Shut down all profit in every nation and train all people for 12 months, then reap and enjoy the benefits of peace forever.


We await your reply.




Yisrayl Hawkins

Founder and Author

Peaceful Solution Character Education Program