The PSCEP Pilot Program was instituted as a way to introduce the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program into areas it had not previously been tried. We have had tremendous feedback from the educators who have used our Pilot Program in their classrooms.
We are pleased to announce the results of the Pilot Program. The results are based on 119 participating schools where the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program (PSCEP) was taught for 7 weeks.

The Pilot Program was conducted in three stages.

1. The first stage was a Pre-Test of ten questions that was used to ascertain the social behavior of the students prior to the 7 week intervention. These questions had the possible responses of Almost Never, Seldom, Sometimes, Often, Almost Always. The questions were phrased to reflect a positive character behavior. The results of this Pre-Test are shown on the chart in blue.

2. Next, the students were taught the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. This intervention was a seven-week curriculum of seven lessons that introduced the students to the main themes of Ownership, Respect, The Importance of Asking, Self-control, and Do Not Steal. The lessons were selected from the full program of the 35 lesson curricula.

3. Lastly, after the completion of the seven-week intervention, the students were given the Post Test of the same ten questions that they had answered in the Pre-Test. Again, these questions had the possible responses of Almost Never, Seldom, Sometimes, Often, Almost Always. The results of the Post-Test are shown on the chart in red.

For every question, the results of the Post-Test showed an improvement in positive social behavior. The initial feedback from the 119 participating schools was encouraging. Several schools have asked for the full year’s program as they were impressed with the Pilot Program results.

Based on the positive results of the seven-week Pilot Program, it is predicted that with long term teaching and practicing of the PSCEP, students could experience lifetime positive character changes to the benefit of themselves and society as a whole.

See what they have to say…


  • The lessons are easy to implement and the students liked the songs. Not enough time for us to implement.

  • Audio tapes are great. The students liked it.

  • The tapes with the songs are great. The students liked singing along. Easy to follow lessons. Need more lessons.

  • Sequential concepts, straight forward, easy to understand. I liked it all!

  • It addresses important character traits.  Additional lessons to reinforce concepts.

  • Specific lessons on specific behavioral character.

  • Simple, direct lesson plans.

  • Direct Teaching material.

  • I like the activities. They are good conversation starters. I also like the progression.


  • I loved the whole program for my third graders.

  • It has a great message. It stresses key points over and over so that the students understand what is really important.


  • Each unit touches on every aspect of building a student’s character, making each individual into a better person which will stick with them throughout their whole life. This is about the best character education program I’ve seen. I have other books that are not as great. Thank you.


  • Positive in approach, high interest.

  • Great program topics. What topics are available in the full set of your program?


  • Activities, examples, situations, all enjoyable, interesting. A great program.

  • Good relative lessons dealing with common situations.

  • It’s not too time consuming. Teachers have an extreme amount of paper work to do on a daily basis already. Therefore, any extra programs can pile up and not be used.

  • It provides structure and routine in learning character traits.

  • Good exercises enforcing good behavior.

  • Very good exercises and examples of practicing good behavior

  • Helps in getting children to understand ownership and respect for things that do not belong to them

  • It brings awareness of ownership and showing respect for authority.

  • The videos show actual people’s stories about how violence changed their lives. My students talked about their stories for days after seeing the video.

  • The videos gave great advice and ways to work toward peaceful solutions. Should be done weekly throughout the year.

  • The film and discussions help the students relate to problems they may be having socially and may help shy students cope.

  • Education of our young people is the most important tool to increasing the welfare of our schools.

  • The activity sheets give good visual insights to students.

  • Lessons in how to solve problems.

  • Lessons are simple, easy to do, do not take much preparation. Students could relate to stories and activities. Liked the poems.

  • The objectives are clearly stated, activities are easily understood, additional activities given.

  • The material is presented in a way that captures the students’ interest. Students really enjoyed the lessons.

  • Activities students can relate to.

  • Good program.

  • It teaches student to think of consequences before acting out. I feel that the PSCEP is a very good all-around program.

  • The majority of the classroom behaviors showed some improvement. The use of realistic situations to teach peaceful solution to a specific problem.

  • It teaches children to respect other people in a way that they understood. I would like to do this at the beginning of the school year, then again at the end.

  • The poems and songs instilled more of an interest since these are 3rd grade children. They always need a variety of learning materials.

  • Teaches kids to take responsibility for their actions; variety of activities that are on their level.


  • It gives the students examples and allows them to interact in different roles.

  • Making students aware of character and how important it is.


  • Lessons that are very meaningful in today’s world.

  • It covers issues that are very important.

  • It has good information and is easy to teach.

  • The lessons are easy to teach.

South Carolina

  • Student enrichment activities, tape lessons and what I have learned assessment sheet. Behavioral changes: I noticed some student’s attitudes on values and personality traits improving and they are more aware of other people’s feelings.

  • Teaching children right and wrong of life solutions. I didn’t see any weak points with the program. I think all of the lessons were quite helpful.

  • I like the way they present different strategies for solving problems in a peaceful way.


  • The program covers a lot of areas that are very important in developing a better individual. I have enjoyed teaching the content of the program. Each section has information that was educational.

  • Teaching children how to respect themselves and others.

  • Illustration cards and stories.


  • It teaches the children that they are in control of all of their actions.