Unit Three Self-Control Teacher’s Package




Pre-teens need character education now more than ever. The world is full of influences and every single one of them is readily accessible to our pre-adolescents. Studies, findings, case histories, and sadly – statistics should be enough to prove, to all of us, that our children are heavily bombarded with subject matter they are ill-equipped to handle.

As parents and educators we need a comprehensive, quality-based character education program, which addresses all these issues and more – from a “get educated” point of view. We cannot simply warn our young people of dangers anymore. We must respectfully teach them with explanations that appeal to their youthful interests, furnishing them with answers for making the quick decisions to sudden problems that come almost daily in this age group. Our means must be friendly and demonstrate our genuine concerns, but more importantly, show our trust in their ability to put the pieces together, so it makes sense to them, knowing they will ultimately make the right choices.

The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program presents five separate units of character building as its primary objective – Character, Acceptance, Self-Control, Respect, and Responsibility. These five hands on units will thoroughly delight pre-teens as they find out about themselves, their peers, and the world.

The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program comes to us at the right time – the time our growing children need character building skills the most. As teachers we want our students to do what is right, regardless of pressure to do otherwise. The knowledge they gain through these interactive lessons will enable them to stop and consider the outcome of their decisions before making them. Their well-thought choices will reflect the understanding they have acquired through this Program, along with your efforts to guide them to live a safe and joyous life. Experience is not the best teacher – you are!

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