Grade 5 Teacher’s Package




Maturing steadily, grade five students are much more capable for independent activity and study but continue to enjoy and do well with group interactions. However, frustrations and conflicts can arise over misunderstandings, quarrels, perceived or actual bullying, embarrassment and so forth.

Grade five students look for guidance to deal with difficult situations, yet they want to make many of their own decisions. Parents and teachers want to provide the necessary structured environment ensuring plenty of opportunity for healthy dialogue to diffuse any risk-taking behavior that may surface from time to time.

Educators will need a program that continues to build on a solid foundation established in earlier grades. They need repetition on topics such as respect and consideration for others, responsibility with chores, recognizing rights of ownership and privacy as well as groundwork for the setting of realistic goals. The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program addresses these areas and continues to stress the importance of self-control and honesty. Ten year olds will welcome The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program in their lives for the encouragement it gives them to achieve coupled with the reassurance that they are growing in a positive direction.

  • Contains 1 Teacher’s Manual and 1 Audio CD.

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