Advanced Student’s Workbook




Students who have successfully completed the goals and objectives within the five character-building units at the intermediate level – Character, Self-Control, Acceptance, Responsibility and Respect are now prepared to delve into character building in a powerful way.

The true essence of moral positive character development is found, not only in its pursuit of personal goals and achievements, but rather in a higher cause with reasons that extend out to others, the community, and the world.

The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, Building Moral Excellence is written for those who want to make a difference. Leadership and management skills, being a role model for others to emulate are but a few of the topics thoroughly explored in the first of a series of five programs – the Advanced Unit on Character.

Moral Excellence can be achieved – it’s not pride or arrogance – it’s humility in demonstrating a willingness to change, to improve. It’s concern and it’s respect for the needs of all life – people, animals, plants, and the environment – the future of our planet.

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