I can see how this comprehensive program could foster positive social skills that will encourage students to get along with one another, This will, in turn, alleviate the common problems such as bullying and teasing within our schools today.

Cecil J. Picard
State Superintendent of Education

I think my students came away from chapter one with more reflection on the difference between character and personality , and food for thought that they can take ownership and responsibility in shaping their own character.

Lori Ortiz
Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility

After reviewing this program, I can see why this program is needed in today’s business, schools, and economy. A lot of the teachings this program is offering, at one time, was something that was taught at home, school and church

Rickey Jones
Metal Mart - Manager

We have already implemented the four through six year old kit you provided us. Any addition information and/or kits you can provide are more than welcome.

Jacqueline Lewis, President
Resident Advisory Council for the Housing Authority of the City of Lake Charles