Think Of The Consequences

You have blown your top, or you feel like blowing your top. The proverbial smoke is pouring from your ears and your fists are curled into a ball. Oh, Oh! Your mild sense of aggravation has blossomed into outright rage.

Will blowing your top accomplish what you desire to accomplish out of this situation, or any situation? Obviously something occurred that caused the upset.

Your desire should be to remain a leader. How you handle any problem can either lift you up or bring you down. You can in every case bring yourself up as being the solver of each and every problem if you follow this simple lesson and develop self-control.

With self-control you can make a choice even when you feel upset or angry. You do not have to sink into the depths of saying or doing something, out of rage, that you will only regret once you have calmed down.

Self-control helps you to stop the progression of anger long enough to choose to handle it appropriately. Yes, you can handle anger appropriately so that it does not turn to rage. Here are a few tips:

  1. Keep in mind that anger that is out of control, can lead to dangerous choices. So your main goal is to stay in control.
  2. Understand that anger and what we do when we are angry is a choice. The old, “I was so angry I didn’t know what I was doing”, is only an excuse. We are accountable for our actions whether we are angry or not.
  3. Know your anger cues: rapid breathing, and increased heart rate, should be a red flag. These cues should immediately send you into self-control mode. Self-control is to stop and think about your options and then proceed with a right choice. A right choice does not cause harm or hurt to yourself, others, or property (No, slamming the phone down and rendering it into four pieces is not acceptable)
  4. When you feel these anger cues it is time to STOP your anger progression. THINK about the consequences of your actions. Are you at work? Could venting your rage in your work environment cost you your job? Are you at school? Could venting your rage at school result in suspension or expulsion? Could someone be hurt or property destroyed because of your rage? Could your angry outbursts cause you to lose your self-respect? Really take the time to ask yourself these questions and THINK of truthful answers. Don’t downplay the consequences that can result from one bad choice.
  5. Once you have thought it through proceed with a right choice. Yes, you can experience moments of extreme frustration, aggravation and even rage and come out smelling like a rose. Try practicing self-control it really does work.

Yes you can experience moments of extreme frustration, aggravation and even rage and come out smelling like a rose. Try practicing self-control. It really does work.

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