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Suicide? Absolutely Not!

As I stood in the cemetery, watching the casket being lowered slowly into the ground, I listened to the sobs of despair and anguish from the mourners who had gathered for the burial. My best friend had committed suicide. She was sixteen years old. She had dreams and hopes, and now she was gone! I could only look back in retrospect and wonder why I ignored the now so obvious signs. Would I have been able to help her if I recognized the pain and turmoil she was in?

It was then I realized, suicide is not the answer. See, I too, had struggled with committing suicide. I too, wanted to end my life only a few weeks before. I did not do it then because my sister walked in just in time, so I hid my bottle of pills. I just said to myself, “I’ll wait another time”. But now I realize, as bad as things might seem, suicide is not the answer.

It was a very sad occasion, but I was glad I was there, because between the sobs of this woman, she kept saying, if only my friend had just visited the peaceful solution website, she would not have killed herself. That pricked my ears, so that night, I went to the peaceful solution website and to this day, I am very glad I did..

If you are at a point in your life where you are considering suicide, STOP and THINK. You are greater than your problems, greater than your hurts, greater than your pain and disappointments. SUICIDE IS PERMANENT. PROBLEMS ARE TEMPORARY. It’s true, our hurts and disappointments are temporary, and we can with time, diligence and effort make positive changes, or better yet put them completely out of our lives.

Overcoming suicidal thoughts can be done by first realizing that your life has purpose, because regardless of what you are experiencing, your life still has meaning and potential. Overcoming adversity only makes you stronger and more capable. Who knows, by resisting the urge to take your own life, you can someday be in a position to help someone else that is in pain, like you are now. There are many other ways you can touch the lives of others, but you have to be here and see it through. Don’t give up. There is an answer.

Although you might feel isolated, ignored, unheard or unloved, always know that there are people who are willing to listen and care, but you have to reach out to them. Do not downplay your feelings. Speak up, enough to be heard. Whether it is your mother, father, friend or counselor, find that trusted person who cares and then pour out your feelings of hurt, humiliation, helplessness, or whatever you might be feeling. Make sure they understand how you feel and why you feel that way.

Oh, by the way, that website is I learned that you can change your outlook on life by reading, studying and practicing the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. You can learn to manage stress more effectively by building a positive, moral character with traits such as self-respect, self-control, determination and responsibility. These positive traits will help you find the strength and courage to deal with the most difficult and stressful situations (personal problems, relationship issues, work stress, depression, and so on). Positive character will help you make right choices that will enable you to find effective ways to deal with setbacks and keep yourself safe from harm.

There are positive ways to deal with all the stressors in your world and in your personal life. Regardless of the source of your stress you can, with the help of the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, successfully overcome any adversity in your life. Don’t give up. You can get through this. Your life is worth living.

To learn more about the solution to stop suicides call 1-888-613-9494 today. They have the answers you are looking for.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade

Lemonade Anyone?

We have all heard the old adage, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”, but the question is do you know the recipe? How exactly do you turn life’s struggles and disappointments into something positive? The answer is the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program.

Although, there are many pitfalls and curveballs that life can send your way, today you will be primarily learning about how to positively handle rejection. Why, you might ask? Well, rejection is simply a part of life. There are many different types of rejection, some of which include:

  •   Relationship rejection
  •   Job related rejection
  •   Societal rejection

Rejection is painful and when it is not handled with positive moral character it can easily lead to depression, a lack of self-respect and even the decision to engage in risky behavior. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want them to, and as hard as that may be to accept, it really is just a part of life. The most important thing is to find ways to deal with rejection that will not cause you to feel depressed, or cause you to hurt yourself or others. (Acceptance Unit, page 65)

So, how does rejection make you feel? Some of the emotions and feelings that one may experience include, sadness or disappointment, one may feel unloved, unneeded or even ashamed.
Here are some points to remember when dealing with rejection:

  1.  Understand that regardless of life’s struggles, you are valuable, loved and needed. Don’t beat up yourself about something that you have no control over! (Acceptance Unit, page 3)
  2.  Be forgiving – realize that not everyone has learned The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program yet. Make the choice to practice the positive character trait of forgiveness if they have intentionally excluded you. In doing so, you will set a great example for others.
  3. Learn from the experience – take it as a lesson learned by focusing your efforts on improving yourself using the principles contained in the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. Be satisfied in knowing you are the most moral person you can be!
  4. As important as friends and feeling accepted are, what is even more important is to make choices that show respect for yourself and others. (Acceptance Unit, page 69)

So, when life hands you sour lemons and you are struggling to handle them, remember this equation:

Rejection + Positive Character + Effort = Success in Turning Life’s Lemons into Sweet Lemonade.

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